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My formative years were spent richly entrenched in nature and family. I grew up with a deep love of nature and a sense of humanity. After graduating from Child and Youth Studies, I spent five years working with youth in the areas of abuse; homelessness; addictions; mental health and criminal behavior.

The next year was spent traveling and working abroad promoting Canadian tourism. Upon returning to Canada I started an environmental business winning multiple design awards. This led to the formation of a 2nd design build business.

Throughout the years I traveled as often as I was able, continued supporting social/environmental projects and further developed my photography .

After 22 years I sold my businesses and transitioned into the position of Vice President, then CEO for an International Environmental Humanitarian organization. In this capacity I traveled; led and visually documented many inspiring projects locally, nationally and internationally.

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I later left to further, and more personally, pursue my passions of photography and international development, human and environmental, which is where I am now.

The passion for and medium of photography allows me to travel, support, document and work on behalf of individuals and international organizations.

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