Mamow Sha way gi kay win / The North-South Partnership for Children (NSPC) is an organization which seeks to improve life for children, youth, and families in remote First Nation communities in northern Ontario. NSPC works to promote and strengthen solutions to the urgent conditions and challenges faced by these communities.

As a member of a research team with NSPC I am currently documenting living conditions and community life; specific to the work of NSPC.

"Sherry has been involved with Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win: North-South Partnership for Children since 2007. She has been instrumental in forging relationships between individuals and organizations with the Partnership, particularly as they relate to the environment, the arts and the international community. The power of these relationships have generated knowledge exchange, resource development and circles of influence. This is critical to the work of the Partnership."

— Judy Finlay PHD / Co Chair NSPC

The Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO www.onthepoint.ca Tibacimowin: Gathering of Stories Project: This project involved the documentation and collection of stories shared by the Elders of 7 First Nation Communities. These stories were then shared with youth from these same communities for the purpose of exploring individual and collective identity; history; customs; practices; purpose; and community. Judy Finlay PHD / Co Chair NSPC

“Sherry's compelling and vibrant photographs brought the Elders' stories to life in the Tibacimowin: Gathering of Stories book.”

— Judy Finlay PHD / Co Chair NSPC

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