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4 the World is a U.S. based non-profit organization providing educational; healthcare; and community infrastructure support to under-developed communities throughout the world. Their work is directed towards collaborative community vision; engagement; and training of new skills. 4 the World is a compassionate, diligent and dedicated organization. Sustainability is a cornerstone of their work.

4 the World works with poor rural communities in Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua by supporting education and helping to bring healthcare to communities.  Sherry oversaw the arrangements and procurement of educational product and supplies used to supply impoverished schools in Belize and Guatemala.

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Sherry has travelled with 4 the World to Guatemala to consult with government officials re future development programs and to document local conditions and areas of need. Sherry's photography captures the happiness, joy and celebration of life, as well as the true essence of that daily life faced by the people in the communities where we work.   She arranged for photography equipment to be made available to James Mangok Wol one of the Lost Boys of Sudan to document the plight of impoverished children in Sudan.

Sherry’s approach to photography provided our organization with a fresh new visual direction.  A uniqueness of dignity, compassion and insightfulness underscores the creativity of her work. These amazing photographs and the stories they tell are being used in our engagements with volunteers, donors and partners, in marketing campaigns and web site development. They show the reality and beauty of those we serve in Belize and Guatemala.  Our work would not be possible without this collaboration, support and level of professionalism.”

- Keith Froom, Founder 4 the World

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